30 January 2013

EDUI 6707 Icebreaker

The Assignment

Interviewing a Fellow Classmate
Please choose a fellow classmate, email them and request their participation as an interview partner.  You may also use our "Cybercafe" for this effort.

This assignment will act as an 'icebreaker' in our course.  To read more about the rationale, technology and processes for icebreakers, visit here: http://twt.wikispaces.com/Ice-Breaker+Ideas

For this particular icebreaker, please create an audio or video and then share the url or upload the audio/video to our discussion area. Help us get to know you and your interview partner through this effort!

Liko's Introduction by Atina Delfino

Atina's Introduction by Liko Puha

26 January 2013

[6707] Making a Connection

It is a scene played out over and over in Hawaiʻi. A natural face-2-face icebreaker. Two strangers meet and inevitably, through fluid and casual inquiries, a connection is made, placing each other carefully into their individual stream of places, family, friends, acquaintances, experiences—all bound by connections. Note: The language used below is Hawaiʻi Creole English (Hawaiian Pidgin). 

  • “Where you from?”

  • “What high school you grad?”
“You live Hilo? You know da Pereira’s live Keaukaha?”
“You live San Francisco? Ma cousin Keʻala dance hula wid Patrick Makuakāne guys.”
In Hawaiʻi, we are raised with a strong sense of place, an integral part of our identity that comes from the host culture.

For students of my Hawaiian culture and language courses, ice-breaker questions usually include:

  • Where were you born?
  • Where were you raised? (Where did you grow up?)
  • Where have you migrated since?
Students are encouraged to find a connection with each other beginning with the answers to those simple questions.

Additional Resources

What does a "Sense of Place" mean to you?

Welcome to Hawai'i (Official airline greeting for State of Hawai'i)

In-flight programming for airline usage that welcomes visitors and kama'āina to our islands using the Hawaiian language. This program is part of an effort to create a sense of place at our local airports that authentically reflects the host culture of Hawai'i.


A humorous take on pidgin.

Hawaii Pidgin The Voice of Hawaii

A more academic approach to explaining the roots of pidgin.

Developing a Sense of Place and an Environmental Ethic: 
A Transformative Role for Hawaiian/Indigenous Science in Teacher Education? 

Pauline W. U. Chinn