29 March 2011

EDUI 6703 Technology Tools for Online Instruction

ʻAnoʻai kākou e nā hoa heluhelu,

I ka Poʻakahi nei i hoʻomaka iho ai ka papa hoʻonaʻauao hou, ʻo Nā Mea ʻEnehana no Ke Hoʻonaʻauao Pūnawele. Pīhoihoi nō au i nēia papa, ʻoiai hoʻi, he mea puni ʻenehana au. ʻAʻole au he Kenelala ʻEnehana e like me kuʻu Palala ʻo Keola Donaghy, he Konela paha au. Kā!

Ma ka pepa pahuhopu o ka papa nei i kākau ʻia ai: 

Differentiated Instruction — Everyone enters this class at a different level of awareness and comfort when it comes to working with technology. The course is designed to help you advance along your personal path to technology competence. You are not expected to compete with your classmates. Your grade will be based on your personal performance as measured by the grading criteria.

Naʻu nō e ana i kaʻu hana ponoʻī me ka holomua pū? Hiki nō!
na Liko

Ua hiki mai nō paha ke kau kupulau! Aia nō kēia kumu lāʻau ma ka pā hale ʻo mua.

20 March 2011

EDUI 6702 Is It Over Already?

ʻAnoʻai kākou e nā hoa heluhelu,

Unfortunately, I have posted very little about my participation in this course. This past Friday evening marked the end of Teaching Models for Online Instruction. That's 20% of the coursework required for my masters degree. Yay!

Dr. Jodi Servatius
My instructor, Dr. Jodi Servatius, is an amazing teacher. I feel honored to be counted among her students. I blessedly experienced and observed the skills of a masterful online instructor. And from my classmates I learned plenty too!

For the final assignment of this course we were to create a chart that mapped instructional strategies to fulfill one learning objective from our individual courses in development. Remember that my course is History of Hula: The Art of Hawaiian Dance.
Students will be able to: 
Recall and describe the respective hula origin oral history that includes significant deities, personages and place names for the islands of Hawaiʻi, Kauaʻi, and Molokaʻi.
Kauluapaoa Heiau, Keʻē, Kauaʻi

One of my instructional strategies is taking the students on a virtual field trip. That means of course that I will need to make an in-person real live field trip! Just need to find a sponsor.

The past five weeks have blazed by, but not without drama. Balancing my responsibilities of caring for my mother, my job, my home life, and school has been challenging. Just within the past two weeks, some health issues have required my full attention. I am not complaining or asking for sympathy. Ke Akua knows I have friends that handle this and much more! But for my own personal journey and reflection only do I remark upon it here.

Therefore, I will focus on the kuleana listed above while graciously declining participation in any extra-curricular activities while in school. Except of course those activities that are required for improving my physical and spiritual health.

My next class starts next Sunday. Until then, I am officially off from work for spring break. So for one solid week I have a chance to catch up on sleep, lots of honey-dos, and mommy-dos.

Me ka ʻoiaʻiʻo,