13 July 2011

The Virtual Choir

Something awesome was shared with me in one of my master's courses. It reminded me of that special magic I used to feel when singing in a choir or chamber group. Below you will find two video. Watch the introduction then the actual performance. Tears welled as I looked upon the faces while experiencing the special magic of "The Virtual Choir!"



Collaboration: Socio and Technical Are One

THE FUTURE OF VIRTUAL TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION: Collaboration: Socio and Technical Are One

Like this from the article:

On the 'socio' side, what sort of shared values will help you create the climate for collaboration?

Professionalism over politics
Trust over suspicion
Conversations over commands
Transparency over secrets
Problem-solving over blaming
Opening over closing
Creativity over conformity
Inclusion over exclusion
We and me over me
Yes/and over yes/but

The list could go on and on. You might want to be a bit more creative:

Circles over triangles
Fire over ice
Fluids over solids

Just as long as you share the same meaning!