14 January 2012

Resuming My Studies with EDUI 6706

ʻAnoʻai kākou,

This past Monday, January 9th, I resumed my graduate studies. Taking it a bit more slowly this time by enrolling in a single course. Yes, it will take longer, but I think I am increasing my chances of surviving and having a somewhat reasonable schedule.

At work I started a new position three months ago, so the learning curve there is steep--but fun. I returned to my Information Technology roots, spending my days as an Internet Services Specialist. While currently my focus is administering SharePoint, the ISS team also administers: Linux Web servers, DNS servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers, ListServ, etc.

In my current CSUEB MS-OTL course, Research in Online Teaching & Learning, I am reunited with Dr. Kay Lehmann. She is such an awesome instructor. I pray daily that I stay healthy, focused, and productive throughout this coming year.

Happy 2012 to us all! Below is a picture with my nieces during the Holidays wearing our animal beanies.