14 February 2012

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid

How cool is this?! Love the Periodic Table of Videos on the Understanding level. Click on the link or image below to view the page with working links to the individual sites.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy by Samantha Penney
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported LicenseAuthor: Samantha Penney, samantha.penney@gmail.com  

04 February 2012

Masters Research Project Forming

ʻAnoʻai kākou,

Exciting news! Through various assignments, a reccomendation from my instructor Dr. Kay Lehmann, and approval from the director of the MS-OTL program, my masters research project is forming. And I am feeling confident about it.

The working topic: Analysis of Nuiākea Hawaiian Culture Online Personal Enrichment Program

Basically, I will be researching what did and did not go well in the program from the Online Teaching and Learning perspective. How this adds to the body of research knowledge is particular to online multicultural education and online continuing education in a university setting--currently.

I am just beginning, but I am extremely excited! If interested, see what I have so far here.